Digital Dentistry

Southside Dental Care is always putting patient care and prevention at the forefront of our practice and we are proud of our commitment and investment to using the most advanced digital dental technology to ensure our patient’s treatments are faster, convenient, more accurate and higher quality.

Our Digital Technology: 


The most advanced imaging process in dentistry. ConeBeam CT Scanning allows us to create virtually unlimited 3D views of your teeth, face and neck with just one scan. With this high quality, detailed information we can accurately diagnose and plan your treatment needs. CBCT scanning gives you the confidence and us the precision in your treatment knowing we’ve analysed and diagnosed from every angle.

This technology is invaluable when planning more complex treatments such a dental implants, teeth straightening and endodontics.

Prime Scan Intraoral Scanning

No more messy impressions. One of our patient’s pet hates about the dentist is if they’ve ever had impressions taken, it’s messy, uncomfortable and often results in gagging. Prime Scan uses a “wand” that takes images of your teeth to create a digital impression without the need for cold gooey alginate. These impressions are faster to produce and provide outstanding accuracy for your restorations to be created from.


Precise Chairside Restorations While You Wait. Cerec is a machine dedicated to making accurate high quality ceramic crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges in just a couple of hours – meaning there is no need for another appointment

The restorations are natural looking and match the colour of your teeth – so they won’t stand out when you smile.

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