Nervous Patients

Many people feel anxious or nervous about a visit to the dentist – and that’s ok. But when this anxiety or fear stops you from obtaining the dental treatment required to achieve good oral health that’s when we can help.


With IV Sedation at Southside Dental Care you can experience dental treatment in a comfortable and calm way. IV Sedation provides a deep level of relaxation by administering an anti-anxiety medication through the blood system, allowing you the patient to be in a dream like state for the treatment duration. With this deep level of relaxation, complex procedures seem faster and more treatment can be completed in one appointment; meaning fewer visits.


You are always carefully looked after by our qualified team. Before treatment you will meet with one of our sedation nurses for your consultation to ensure sedation is the best option for you. Our goal is to not only get your mouth healthier but alleviate some of your dental fears.


“I am 41 years old & hadn’t visited the dentist since I was 16 due to a severe phobia of dentists – to say I was petrified doesn’t even come close to the fear I felt. But thanks to the dedication and perseverance of Leanne & her team they made my time pain free and endurable experience. The difference this has made to my life has been immense I even managed to smile in my wedding photos something I thought I would never do. I can now eat foods I had been avoiding for over 20 years and I also no longer have a fear of going to the dentist” M- Edinburgh


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  • Safe
  • Relaxation
  • Overcome your fear
Nervous Patients
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Nervous Patients
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