NHS & You

What the NHS will provide

The NHS provides all treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health. There are some treatments (mainly cosmetic) which are not available under the NHS, and you may choose to have these privately. You may also choose to have some treatment privately as an alternative to NHS treatment. If you wish to have some private treatment then we will provide you with a written estimate beforehand to detail the charges.

Paying for NHS treatment

Please see NHS Prices & Exemptions

Emergency Arrangements

Whenever possible please contact us about emergencies during normal surgery hours. Please see Emergency Dentist for more details.

Replacements free of charge

If you are 18 or over and a filling, root filling, inlay or crown provided by Southside Dental Care under the NHS within the last 12 months has to be replaced, you will not be charged if you return to us, unless:
  • the treatment was temporary; or
  • it was provided against our advice; or
  • the replacement is necessary because of an accident; or
  • a different treatment is needed because a satisfactory replacement is not possible.
Another dentist will not provide replacements free of charge unless prior arrangements have been made.
This  NHS cover does not apply to any private treatment you may have.

An explanation of your dental treatment

Our Dentists at Southside Dental Care want you to understand the treatment being offered and any charges which may apply. Please ask if you do not understand this or need any further information.

If your dentist is not available

Arrangements will be made for you to be seen by one of our other dentists. This will not affect your continuing care arrangements with the dentist you are registered under.

Cancelling appointments

If you have to cancel an appointment please give at least 24 hours notice, we can make a charge if you do not give reasonable notice or fail to attend your appointment.

Regular care

Taking good care of your teeth is important. Come and see us regularly for check-ups and advice. Some people need to see their dentist more often than others and we shall advise you when to return next.

Ending your registration

In some circumstances it may be necessary for Southside Dental Care to end your registration early. If this happens we will explain why; some reasons are:
  • Multiple failure to attend or short notice cancellations for  appointments
  • Bad debt
  • Inappropriate behaviour whilst at the practice.
If you need further guidance you may ask your local Health Board.

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