White Fillings

White Fillings

The white or tooth-coloured fillings we offer at Southside Dental Care provide a healthier, more natural looking alternative to eh Amalgam (silver) fillings that are provided on the NHS. They allow for a minimally invasive restoration, which means that more of your natural tooth can be saved.

There are many benefits in having white fillings over the NHS amalgam fillings:

  • Mercury free
  • Less noticeable than silver fillings
  • Come in a range of shades so that they can blend in with your smile
  • Needs less preparation than silver fillings, which means you keep more healthy tooth tissue for longer
  • Helps to support remaining tooth structure

Many people have decided to switch to white fillings as and when their older amalgam fillings need replacing due to wear and tear. However, if you have dark or discoloured fillings that are visible when you are smiling or laughing you may like to change them for aestheticĀ  reasons.

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