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Christmas Smiles

It's official - Christmas is just around the corner! When Christmas hits the shops you know the countdown is on. No doubt your work party is being organised already - and with that comes your new outfit, haircut, nails done and everything else we can possibly do to make sure we look our best for that one night of the year! So why not try something a little different this year and re-vamp your smile - everyone notices and whiter smile and it's the perfect accessory to any outfit!
At Southside Dental Care we have a range of options for getting that sparkle to your smile this Christmas:
Airflow Polishing - a 20 minute visit to our Hygienist Rachael Binnie will get your teeth to their best with this revolutionary stain remover. You'll be amazed at what your teeth look like after this quick treatment - £30
At-Home Whitening - Southside Dental Care will custom make a set of bleaching trays (like thin mouthguards) for you and with special bleach provided by us you'll be on your way to whiter teeth by simply wearing these trays every night for at least 2 weeks. Easy! - £295
ZOOM! Advanced Power Whitening - Go on treat yourself - in an hour and a half appointment you can get party ready white teeth! And with our home maintenance kit you can keep these party white teeth all year round! - £495
Both the At-Home Whitening and ZOOM! Advanced Power Whitening can be paid over 6 months with our interest free payment plan.
If you're interested then call into our reception on 0131 667 5656 and a member of the team will be happy to help you.
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