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Nervous Patients
Nobody likes visiting the dentist!
People of all ages and backgrounds are affected by dental anxiety, so it's important to remember you're not alone! Being nervous about going to the dentist affects different people in different ways. Some people are anxious about specific aspects of dental treatment, others may dislike being in close contact with someone they don't know very well. Many people had unpleasant experiences as a child and are frightened that these will be repeated. There are also different levels of dental anxiety, ranging from slight nervousness to a severe phobia.

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However anxious you are, our dedicated team are trained to help you through any of these worries or concerns you may have. Remember we are here only to help you and that any worries you may have are by no means unusual, all we ask is that you raise your concerns so that our team know and we can work through them with you. At all times we will ensure that:
  • We take the appointments and treatments at a pace that suits you - this way you'll be facing your fear and gradually over coming it step by step.
  • We will not push you to go further than you're comfortable with - you simply have to raise your hand and the dentist will stop what they are doing.
  • We will answer any dental questions you have to ensure that you know the best available options for you.
  • We will always try and give you a choice.

If you still feel as though having your treatment may be a struggle, we can now offer conscious sedation.


Dr Leanne Branton is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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