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Dental Implants
Dental Implants at Southside Dental Care an Edinburgh Dentist
Do you hide your smile because of spaces? Do you lack faith in the stability of your dentures? Do you have difficulty in chewing?

Dental Implants could be for you, with their natural feel & look you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

"When I broke my front tooth, I thought I would spend the rest of my life wearing dentures. Thanks to Leanne and the team at Southside Dental Care, they have restored my confidence to smile. The service was excellent, friendly and very informative. Personally I didn't face any problem during the procedures, credits to the careful planning and attention by the team. Highly recommended to anyone who is considering doing an implant"
Association of Dental Implantology Member
Dr Leanne Branton is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology

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What are Dental Implants?

Implants are alternatives to complex restorative treatment on your natural tooth such as conventional bridges, and dentures. Constructed of Titanium an implant is placed into your jaw bone. Implants are made from titanium as it is extremely strong, and once successfully placed, should last for many many years. Indeed Implants have now been in place in some patients for over 30 years. Titanium has been found to be biologically inert and is harmonious in the human body making them safe and non-toxic. Your bone will grow around the implant and osseo-integrate to the fixture. First tried over 30 years ago, dental implants have evolved to provide a treatment option with 95% success rate over 10 years. Now considered the Number 1 option to replace a missing tooth, implant based treatment is the future of replacing gaps.
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Why are they used?

Use of implants and osseo-integration has been well documented for nearly 30 years. This treatment option is backed by a multitude of scientific literature and clinical experience. Implants can:
  • Replace one or more teeth without affecting adjacent teeth.
  • Support a bridge and eliminate the need for a removable denture.
  • Provide support and retention for a denture.
The exciting prospect for many patients is to finally discard their dentures or avoid them totally.
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For more information or if you'd like us to contact you about implants please contact us using the link below stating "IMPLANTS" in the subject field.

Dental Implants @ Southside Dental Care an Edinburgh NHS DentistWhat's Involved?

Initial consultation, assessment and planning will occur with one of our dentists. The options appropriate to your case will be thoroughly discussed with you. Preoperative pictures and tooth shade maybe taken and the smile design process is initiated. You may require specialised imaging in the form of computerised tomography (CT scan). This will allow your Dentist to have a 3D reconstruction of your jaws, allowing perfect planning for the best outcome.

If there is insufficient quality and quantity of bone to place your implant into, osseo-integration will be compromised. As this is key to success you may require a bone augmentation procedure to allow your implant to have optimal status. Your dentist will discuss all of these eventualities and possibilities in the initial stages.

The placement of a single implant is a relatively straight forward procedure and routinely carried out under local anaesthetic, many patients report that it is easier than having a tooth extracted. In the interim period you may be provided with a provisional restoration of the highest caliber and aesthetics.
Many implant procedures require a second stage, once osseo-integration has occurred. Carried out under local anaesthetic the buried implant is uncovered, and impressions taken. These are sent to our Laboratory who will hand craft your aesthetic crown or bridge. In the interim period you may be provided with a provisional restoration.

At your next visit the provisional restoration (if present) is carefully removed, and your custom made crown or bridge is tried in. You will be shown the final restoration at this try in stage. Once you confirm that you are pleased with the appearance and fit, your Dentist will cement the restoration to the implant.

You will be invited to return a few weeks after provision of the definitive restoration to review your oral health status, condition of the implant and restoration as well as to get feed back of the cosmetic result. An implant does not suffer from dental decay but it is still very important to employ a strict oral hygiene regime encompassing professional hygiene intervention. You will be shown the most appropriate method to ensure optimal oral health. As with any dental intervention, regular recall and review is essential to ensure the status of your implant.

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To book your appointment please call into reception on 0131 667 5656 or fill in the form below, stating implant consultation in the comments field.

Southside Dental Care: 125 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3AJ
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