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Halitosis is 3rd worst smell in Britain
Drink milk after breakfast to halt plaque
How's your technique??
Brush DJ
National Smile Month


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Halitosis is 3rd worst smell in Britain

Bad Breath has been named the third worst smell in Britain. A survey of over 2000 people carried out for a UK-wide waste disposal company revealed that the worst smell as voted for by the British public is babies' nappies, followed by sewers on a hot day!
The complete top ten worst smells are:
  1. baby poo
  2. sewers on a hot day
  3. bad breath
  4. wet dog
  5. flatulence
  6. human sweat
  7. rotten food
  8. smoking
  9. smelly feet
  10. the "juice" at the bottom of your bin.
Worried that your breath smells worse than a wet dog or your bin!

Drink milk after breakfast to halt plaque

Drink Milk after breakfast to halt plaque
A new study has found that drinking a glass of milk after breakfast significantly reduces the build-up of plaque.Results of an American study have shown a small glass of milk more than halves the build-up of plaque acids after eating dry sugary breakfast cereal.Milk is one of the best sources of calcium and the study reaffirms the belief that drinking milk after a meal can also help because it neutralises the acids and re-mineralise the teeth after eating.

How's your technique??

Yesterday I learnt a scary statistic that over 70% of the population don't know how to brush their teeth properly. 
Brushing your teeth is the best way to fight decay & gum disease and ultimately save you some ££££s. Manual Brushing isn't easy and really needs to be done for 2 minutes using the correct technique to ensure it's effective.
I have found a great how to guide on Oral B's website:

Brush DJ

The other day I was browsing Health & lifestyle apps when I came across "Brush DJ".
Brush DJ is a free toothbrush timer app that plays 2 minutes of music taken at random from the user's device to encourage brushing for an effective length of time. The app also allows users to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss, use a mouthrinse and when next to see their dentist or hygienist. Evidence-based age specific information is given as per the Department of Health's toolkit 'Delivering Better Oral Health'.

National Smile Month

National Smile Month 2012 is here!
Smile with Beautiful Teeth
This year it runs from May 20th - June 20th.
National Smile Month is an oral health campaign like no other! Occurring annually, at its most basic level, the campaign promotes three key messages, all of which go a long way to improve oral health in the UK. They are:
  • Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste;
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks;
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

Christmas Smiles

It's official - Christmas is just around the corner! When Christmas hits the shops you know the countdown is on. No doubt your work party is being organised already - and with that comes your new outfit, haircut, nails done and everything else we can possibly do to make sure we look our best for that one night of the year! So why not try something a little different this year and re-vamp your smile - everyone notices and whiter smile and it's the perfect accessory to any outfit!
At Southside Dental Care we have a range of options for getting that sparkle to your smile this Christmas:
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