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October '12
Southside Dental Care - Halloween Offer
Don't let the Pumpkins smile outshine your own this October!
For the month of October '12 get £100 of At-home Whitening Kits only at Southside Dental Care. Get your whiter smile for the comfort of your own home.
It involves the fabrication of some custom-fit whitening trays. These are mad of very thin plastic which fit over your teeth.
Teeth Whitening at edinburgh nhs dentistA Carbamide Peroxide based gel is placed in the trays and the trays are worn over night. The teeth whitening gel produces oxygen bubbles which penetrate the tiny pores in the enamel surface of your teeth. The oxygen gently and gradually removes stains that may have become embedded in the enamel over the years, using a safe and easy oxidation.
The process to achieve your maximum level of whiteness can take two to four weeks.
Not everyone is suitable for whitening but your dentist will check this prior. A thorough clean is recommended before commencing whitening to increase the efficiency, so if you've just taken advantage of lasts months Air-Flow Polishing Offer you're teeth are lovely and clean and ready to be whitened.
Offer Price: £195
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